Everything covering homeostasis what it is and how it's controlled

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1. What is Homeostasis?

  • The maintenance of a constant internal environment
  • The maintenance of a constant external environment
  • The maintenance of a constant body temperature
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2. Body temperature, water content, ion content and blood sugar are the four main things you need to have at just the right level?

  • True
  • False

3. What are the two waste products produced in your body?

  • Urea and Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide and Urea
  • Water and Carbon dioxide

4. How does Cardon Dioxide leave the body?

  • Through breathing
  • Through sweating

5. Is Carbon Dioxide toxic?

  • Yes if in high quantities
  • Not at all



really helpful cheers

Shaianne M

thanks a lot that was really helpful 


very helpful now i know wht i need 2 improve on !!!! :D thanx


very helpful now i know wht i need 2 improve on !!!! :D thanx


very helpful, thanks!

lisa belcher

this quiz was very helpful, showd me wot i did and didnt know about homeostasis.

lisa belcher

hey woz up


cheers gawguss !!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Holmes

Some incorrect answers, but overall, a good quiz.


A useful set of questions on homeostasis. The answer to question 16 is a bit debatable as not all amino acids can be converted into the same things. For example some can be converted into glucose (by a number of steps)  after removal of the amino part and some can't. Some can be converted into a compound that can be turn into lipid and others can't. Hope this helps.


Thanks to whoever made this! Really helped!


Swallowtail, Ikr I thought Amino Acids were converted into Urea? It suggested that on one of the earlier questions...

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