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2. What would have been a benefit of 'Holding the line' or 'Do nothing'?

  • Sustainable
  • Its moderately priced
  • No cost
  • It's expensive

3. Why were new schemes put in place along the Holderness coast?

  • The existing schemes were not working
  • The existing schemes were too expensive to maintain
  • existing schemes were unsustainable
  • They wasn't any existing schemes

4. What sead defences were put in place in Bridlington?

  • Sea wall and timber groynes
  • Timber groynes and rip rap
  • Sea wall and revetments
  • Revetments and groynes

5. What's a disadvantage of the sea wall at Easlington?

  • cost £54 million
  • Damages environment
  • cost £45 million
  • Dsitrupts ecosystems


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