Hofling et al

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1. What rule were the nurses going to break if they were to give the drug?

  • All of these
  • Have the order given to the nurses by an unfamiliar number
  • To give an excessive dose of a drug
  • Use an unauthorised drug
  • Transmit the order over the phone
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2. Does the study have applicattions?

  • Yes- encouraging the teaching of nurses to act independently
  • No
  • Not that I can think of

3. The pps were upset which went against...

  • Protection from psychological harm
  • Right to informed consent
  • There should be no deception

4. What was the tone of the phone coversation?

  • A bit shakey and usure
  • Courteous, yet self confident
  • Serious and with urgency
  • Cocky

5. What happened when the nurse complied?

  • An experimenter intervened
  • The phone call was ended
  • The nurse was told to stop on the phone


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