Hofling et al

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1. What else could have been a cause of these results?

  • How busy the ward was at the time
  • The fact that the study took place in 1966 and so gender differences may have interfered
  • The patients
  • The observer effect
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2. The pps were upset which went against...

  • There should be no deception
  • Protection from psychological harm
  • Right to informed consent

3. How many pps were sent the questionnaire?

  • 12 graduate nurses and 21 students
  • 28 student nurses
  • 21 nurses and 12 students
  • 42 nurses

4. What happened if some calls weren't similar to others?

  • Any outliers were deleted
  • Then these calls were discarded
  • Then these calls were used for comparisons

5. What did several nurses ask the doctor to do?

  • Appear quickly
  • Not to call again
  • Not to ask this of them again


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