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2. What rule were the nurses going to break if they were to give the drug?

  • Have the order given to the nurses by an unfamiliar number
  • To give an excessive dose of a drug
  • Transmit the order over the phone
  • All of these
  • Use an unauthorised drug

3. What time did the study take place?

  • Between 9pm-10pm
  • Between 10-11:30am
  • Between 7-9pm
  • Between 7am-9pm

4. How was the experiment started?

  • The caller rang whenever he thought was best
  • The observer made sure that conditions on the ward were suitable and then called the office using the ward phone and a code word
  • The caller rang whenever he thought the ward was most quiet
  • They rang the office when they were on the ward ad ready

5. What happened when the pps insisted on referring the call to someone else?

  • The phone call was ended
  • The caller spoke to the next nurse instead
  • The caller agreed to continue


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