Hitler's Rise to Power

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Hindenburg appoints Hitler as Chancellor
30th January 1933
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The Reichstag building burns down
27th February 1933
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Reichstag Fire decree
28th February 1933
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Reichstag election: Nazi Party gains 43.9% of the votes (288 seats), its coalition partners (the Nationalists) take 8%
5th March 1933
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Nazis seize power in the Länder (German states)
5th-9th March 1933
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Himmler establishes the first concentration camp at Dachau
20th March 1933
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Reichstag passes the Enabling Act
23rd March 1933
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Trade unions are dissolved
2nd May 1933
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SPD banned; other parties dissolve themselves in the weeks which follow
22nd June 1933
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Legislation prohibits political parties other than the Nazi Party
14th July 1933
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New 'election' to the Reichstag; the Nazi Party gains 92.2% of the vote
12th November 1933
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'Night of the Long Knives' - Ernst Rohm and other SA leaders and members of the conservative oppostition are arrested and shot without trial
30th June 1934
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President Hindenburg dies. The offices of the President and Chancellor are combined. Hitler is now called Führer (leader). The army swears an oath of allegiance to Hitler
2nd August 1934
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27th February 1933


The Reichstag building burns down

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28th February 1933


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5th March 1933


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5th-9th March 1933


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