History - Tudors (Britain, 1483-1529)

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1. What was The Peace of London 1518?

  • A law passed that stated noone could be part of any kind of rebellion
  • A protest held in London
  • It avoided the danger of diplomatic isolation after Francis 1 marked his victory
  • A treaty that stated all the countries would be at peace
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2. What was abenteeism?

  • When someone would not do their duties. (Being absent)
  • Appointing a job to your own family members
  • Paying the Church money
  • Where the Church had its own law courts run under canon law

3. When was the Breton Crisis?

  • 1492-93
  • 1487-92
  • 1483-86
  • 1482-1489

4. When was The Yorkshire Rebellion?

  • 1489
  • 1497
  • 1487
  • 1493

5. What were the Acts of Attainder?

  • An act to declare a nobleman guilty of a crime against the Crown
  • A law that a person had to pay a sum if they were doing something illegal
  • An act stating everyone had to pay tax
  • A law to stop people retaining


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