History Quiz - John Snow

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1. What did John Snow publish an essay about?

  • That miasmas made Cholera airborne
  • That Cholera entered the body through water and the Broad street pumps handle being removed proved this
  • That Cholera was not air borne and entered the body through the mouth.
  • That the water pump on Broad Street caused Cholera to spread and it should be removed
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2. What prevented Snows theory from being widely accepted?

  • Germ Theory not being published
  • The church refusing to accept Snows theory
  • Snow not being a respected doctor within the royal society
  • The lack of scientific evidence Snow could provide

3. What year did Snow publish his report?

  • 1847
  • 1850
  • 1849
  • 1867
  • 1859

4. What case made Snow certain that it was the pump that caused Cholera?

  • The woman who preferred the taste of the water from Broad Street but lived far away.
  • The alcoholic who never drank the water so didn't catch Cholera.
  • The man who never drank from the Broad Street pump and didn't contract Cholera
  • The men who worked in factories so drank different water at work and brought home bottled water so did not drink from the pump

5. What was the name of the essay Snow published?

  • Could Cholera be caused by a clouds
  • The Broad Street Pump
  • On the Mode of Communication of Cholera
  • Cholera consuming London


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