history of school sport and P.E

1. Which of these is not an objective of P.E?

  • Spot talent
  • a chance to socialize with friends
  • Promote a good lifestyle
  • improve confidence
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2. Which of these is not an objective of the model course training?

  • Get children familiar with weapons
  • Teach discipline
  • educate children
  • Understand hardship

3. what is codification?

  • the spreading of an agreed set of rules
  • going to university
  • playing lots of games
  • the bullying of older boys towards younger boys

4. who set up 'moving and growing' in 1952?

  • Rudolf Laban
  • Teachers
  • Thomas Arnold
  • the government

5. Before the model course training began, what was taught in P.E lessons?

  • dance and simple games
  • therapeutic exercise
  • Swedish gymnastics
  • physical training


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