History: Mussolini 1919 - 1930s

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1. The Fascist were only interested in controlling art propaganda, ignoring literature, drama and music because

  • Literature, Music and Drama were an important part of Italian culture
  • Art was the most mainstream source
  • Art was something Mussolini was particularly interested in
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2. What was the OVRA?

  • Fascist Censorship Bureau
  • Secret Police
  • Fascist Militia
  • Special Tribunal

3. Who did Mussolini appoint as Secretary-General of the Fascist Party in 1925?

  • Augusto Torati
  • Roberto Farinacci
  • Dino Grandi
  • Italo Balbo

4. What was the Fascist symbol called?

  • Fasces
  • Fascisto
  • Fascis
  • Fascies

5. What was the MSVN?

  • Fascist Militia
  • Fascist Censorship Bureau
  • Secret Police
  • Special Tribunal




These ten multiple choice questions are a good way to test knowledge of the basics about Fascist Italy.

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