History: Mussolini 1919 - 1930s

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1. What affect did the Aventine Secession have?

  • Mussolini was easily able to pass laws in parliament due to the lack of opposition
  • Mussolini came under severe pressure and threat from the King and the Ras
  • The Fascist party lost a lot of its support, and the Socialists became the most popular party
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2. What was the OVRA?

  • Special Tribunal
  • Secret Police
  • Fascist Censorship Bureau
  • Fascist Militia

3. What was the PNF?

  • Italian People's Party
  • National Fascist Party
  • National Socialist Party

4. Which of the following statements is false

  • The Fascists closed down many newspaper companies for posting anti-fascist material
  • The Fascists heavily censored what could be printed by newspaper companies

5. What percentage of Italians supported Fascism in 1939?

  • 85%
  • 8%
  • 34%
  • 66%




These ten multiple choice questions are a good way to test knowledge of the basics about Fascist Italy.

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