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2. Native American shamans of the 19th century knew of...

  • more than 100 medicinal plants and substances.
  • More than 200 medicinal plants and substances
  • More than 300 medicinal plants and substances

3. Which of these statements is incorrect?

  • Prehistoric peoples had a concept of a 'healthy' lifestyle
  • Modern Aborigines had some practices that seem 'healthy'
  • Prehistoric people’s ideas about 'healthy lifestyle' are unknown

4. Archaeological evidence of trephining in prehistoric times...

  • Suggests that prehistoric surgeons tried to remove evil spirits
  • Shows that prehistoric surgeons tried to cure epilepsy
  • Proves that prehistoric people performed brain surgery

5. What - according to the dictionary - is a doctor?

  • A state employee based in a hospital or surgery
  • A public practitioner whose ability to heal is recognised by the general community
  • A qualified practitioner of medicine or surgery


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