Medicine through time- Prehistory

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1. What is 'public health'?

  • Health facilities run by the government
  • Health facilities run for paying customers
  • Health facilities run by the public
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2. What was a 'shaman'?

  • a kind of prehistoric priest
  • a primative doctor
  • a tribal leader

3. Australian Aborigines buried their excrement far from their camp...

  • But they did this for religious reasons, not medical reasons
  • So it seems they understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • So we can assume that prehistoric peoples knew about the importance of 'healthy lifestyle' too

4. On the balance of the evidence, which of the following statements seems to be most true?

  • Prehistoric medicine did not heal, it harmed.
  • Prehistoric medicine was not medical, it was magic.
  • Prehistoric medicine was not scientific, but it was successful.

5. What evidence can prove that prehistoric surgeons were able to perform trephining operations successfully?

  • Some patients have TWO holes in their skull.
  • The skull re-grew.
  • The patient lived.


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