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2. Australian Aborigines buried their excrement far from their camp...

  • So we can assume that prehistoric peoples knew about the importance of 'healthy lifestyle' too
  • But they did this for religious reasons, not medical reasons
  • So it seems they understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle

3. Which of these statements is incorrect?

  • Prehistoric peoples believed that illness could be cured by magic
  • Modern Aborigines believed that illness could be cured by magic.
  • Prehistoric peoples' beliefs about curing illness are unknown.

4. Which of the following were not used by Aborigine shamans in recent times to cure disease?

  • Dancing and ceremonies
  • Magic paintings and antibiotics
  • Bones and beads

5. Why did prehistoric people not develop public health systems?

  • They were nominal
  • They were nomadic
  • They were nomistic


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