History: Iraq War

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Why did the USA and UK invade Iraq?
They believed they had WMD's Thought Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11 Claims the US wanted oil Hussein was a brutal dictator Human rights abuse - torture Religious tensions
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What happened in the Iraq war?
International coalition invades Iraq Within 1 month Hussein is toppled Religions begin fighting (sectarian violence)
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What was Saddam Hussein's human rights abuse?
Rights were abused by the Iraqi government There were mass murders, use of chemical weapons and torture
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Describe briefly the Al-Anfal Campaign.
1986-89 Extermination of Kurds Left 50,000 civilians dead Reason: Hussein wanted to rid Iraq of Kurds (genocide)
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Reasons to justify the war?
Most people thought some WMD's existed UK claimed that Iraq had breached resolution 687 + the UN had agreed in 2002 (resolution 1441) Al-qaeda were suspected of being involved in attacks Hans Blix refused to deny that there were no WMD's
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Why were people opposed to the war?
Andrew Gilligan (BBC journalist) claimed the gov had exaggerated the threat of WMD's. Critics of gov said they needed a new resolution from UN to make it legal, but UK knew it wouldn't get support No WMD's had been found - even on eve of invasion Wa
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EXAM QUESTION: Explain why there was opposition to the Iraq war. (6)
Claims that if the Bush Doctrine was accepted there would be a breakdown in law and order of the US War would kill too many soldiers and civilians therefore damaging peace and stability Andrew Gilligan claimed the threat of WMD's had been exaggerated
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How was the invasion completed so quickly?
1. US congress passed law which allowed Bush to use military force against Iraq Paved the way for US president to approach the UN security council. Drafted resolution 1441 - comply with disarmament.
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Describe what it is. Explain how it leads to victory. Strength of US + UK military
Powerful forces, mobilise quickly, more troops, more weapons Prevented Iraqi mobilisation of air force. US and UK more than able to counter Iraqi opposition.
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Iraqi Military weakness - describe +explain
Suffered because of economic sanctions meaning they could not develop military power Ill equipped, not in strong position to withstand military of US and UK
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Poor morale amongst Iraqi forces - describe and explain
Spirits were low, thought they couldn't win the war Reports Iraqi army were surrendering to US and UK forces Fear of defeat Not willing to follow orders
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Poor leadership of Iraqi military - describe + explain
Poor leadership from Iraqi leaders Wasn't prepared to deal with invasion Qusay Hussein's irregular movement of troops = hard to defend Baghdad. Soon fell to invasion No trust, not prepared
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To what extent did the US underestimate the difficulty of controlling Iraq after Saddam?
Didn't expect sectarian violence (Sunni, Shia) Sunni's - uncertain of future, did not welcome US led government More violence, looting, ****, murders US didn't realise Saddam had support No plan for keeping law and order Complex relationships between
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Why would Sunni rebel?
Loyal to old regime Uncertain of future, largely Shia dominated Upset over Hussein's capture
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Why would Shia rebel?
Lose faith in US as they are not dealing with Sunni insurgency Turn extreme - radicalised
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Describe the insurgency
Sunni + Shia attack US led force Hospital targeted **** and Murder Looting and violence Civilian and military targets - car bombs
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How did the US respond to the insurgency?
Killed Saddam's sons Saddam captured and tried Start counter insurgency, target leaders, bombings
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What were the consequences of the Iraq war for the US and UK?
USA UK *Lost support - undermined* *international influence* Alliances damaged Reluctant to get involved in military action
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What were the consequences of the Iraq war for Iraq?
Machine gun fire, roadside bombs More freedom and independence for women Damage to oil production - link to oil prices Kurdish rights improved Pluralist society (voice, more than one party). - link to elections
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What were the international consequences of the Iraq war?
*Motivating terrorism* *Increased membership of al-qaeda* Higher oil prices - link to oil production Decline in security Other countries hold more elections - link to pluralist society Influence of UN undermined - less trust
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What happened in the Iraq war?


International coalition invades Iraq Within 1 month Hussein is toppled Religions begin fighting (sectarian violence)

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What was Saddam Hussein's human rights abuse?


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