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Kiel Mutiny
A major revolt in November 1918. It triggered the German Revolution which abolished the German Monarch
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An agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting (a truce)
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Stab in the Back
A Nazi theory that blamed Jews and Weimar politicans for the loss of the war and the signing of the armistice
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November Criminals
The German leaders that signed the Armistice on November 11th 1918
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The Spartacist Uprising
A left wing party that tried to overthrow the Socialist party in 1919. Many fights took place, resulting in many casulties and deaths.
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The Kapp Putsch
Wolfgang Kapp attempted to 'undo' the results of the German Revolution in March 1920. German people striked, forcing Dr Wolfkang Kapp to flee from the country.
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Proportional Representation
Where parties gained seats in proportion to the percentage of votes they recieved
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A set of princicple which the state must obey and know how to be governed
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German word for Parliment
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Volunteer militarty anti-communist units
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The situation where the price of things and worth of money increases very out of control
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Passive Resistance
Non-violent opposisiton to authority or legal requirements
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Who was Gustav Stresemann?
He was oppointed the chancellor when Ebert died, He tried to recover Germany during the Stesemann Years (1924-1929)
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Dawes Plan 1924
A plan to reduce hyperinflation
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The Locarno Treaty 1925
Collective countries came together to stop another war being provoked
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Architecture formed to re-vamp Germany
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The Young Plan 1929
Extended the period of time taken to pay back repreations
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The Wall Street Crash 1929
The economic catastophe in the US which created a world wide collaspse of share values and of money
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Who was President Hindenburg?
The President of Germany who allowed Hitler to become chancellor in 1933
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An agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting (a truce)

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Stab in the Back


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November Criminals


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The Spartacist Uprising


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