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Occupation of Ruhr
1923 - 1925, French and Belgium troop occupied German industrial area due to failure of pay back reparations
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November 1923 - money had become worthless as a result from passive resistance, Germany was losing money fast
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Munich Putsch
November 8th 1923 Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in prison, Hitler and General Ludendorff (WWI hero) attempted revolution, revolution was crush - Hitler ran away
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Weimar Constitution
Set up of Reichstag (Parliament), democracy, equality, people voted for MP rather than parties (proportional representation), Article 48
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Weimar Republic
New currency, a lot more money (American loan), modern cinema, culture; cabaret, theatres etc
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Before Weimar
Women couldn't vote, Kaiser was most powerful; could appoint/dismiss chancellor
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End of WWI
Armistice was agreed, mutiny spread
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Treaty of Versailles
Signed 25th June 1919; German soldiers blamed politicians for losing war, worker felt angry that their work was for nothing
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Wall Street Crash
Stresemann died in 1929, October 1929 end of Golden Era, 6 million people unemployed
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Weimar's big problems
Stab in Back Myth (belief of Germans that the army could've continued the war but politicians stabbed them in the back), the Kapp Putsch lead by Wolfgang Kapp; soldiers joined Freikorps after being fired, Munich Putsch (see other card)
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Nuremberg Laws
The laws that Jews were not allowed to marry Germans, they had to wear a golden star out, 15th September 1935
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Night of Broken Glass
November 9th-10th 1938; anti-Jewish propaganda, boycott of Jewish businesses, forced Jews into ghettos, eventually led to The Holocaust
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Night of the Long Knives
Hitler became concerned about the SA (with over 3 million members), 29th-30th June 1934 SA leaders were dragged out of bed and shot to please the army and have them on Hitler's side
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July 1944
German troops retreated across Europe
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1st May (approx.) 1945
Hitler, Goebbels and other leading Nazis committed suicide
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November 1923 - money had become worthless as a result from passive resistance, Germany was losing money fast

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Munich Putsch


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Weimar Constitution


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Weimar Republic


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