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1. Why did people support Hitler?

  • Hitler was known to be an A-list celebrity
  • The German people knew Hitler was a good family man and would be good for ruling Germany
  • He was intelligent, a good speaker, confident, and manipulative enough to believe he was Germany's saviour.
  • He was a good cook.
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2. What was the Kiel Mutiny

  • It never happened.
  • They threw Hitler into the ocean
  • When the Navy and factory workers made the november revolution.
  • Germany became a country full of pirates

3. Who were the November Criminals?

  • The people who agreed to the terms of the T of V
  • People who committed crimes in November
  • The Grand Alliance members who created the terms
  • The Kaiser and his family

4. Name two flaws of the Weimar Republic (THERE'S TWO CORRECT ANSWERS)

  • The Weimar government had too little politicians within them.
  • Proportional Representation - Parties were allocated their seats in the Reichstag based on their National votes which meant there was no major party which could pass laws.
  • The members of Weimar Republic gambled the money of the German people and led to an economic crisis.
  • Article 48 - This meant the President could ignore the power of the Reichstag and is able to pass decrees without anyone interfering (ALSO CORRECT ANSWER)

5. Name onE Term of the T of V

  • they were told to just apologise
  • They had to pay $6600million in compensation
  • They had to cook for the children in Africa
  • They were allowed to rise their army which allowed them to declare war again.


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