History - Black Death - Set 1

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1. The Black Death was mainly...

  • Bubonic plague, pneumonic plague and septicemic plague.
  • Black plague, rat plague and infectious plague.
  • Bubonic plague and septicemic plague.
  • Pneumonic plague and septicemic plague.
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2. Peasants began to eat more...

  • False! They didn't eat more because everything became scarce!
  • Meat because they were getting richer.
  • Vegetables because there weren't enough workers to make bread.
  • Bread because there was a shortage of crops.

3. The swellings burst with foul-smelling black liquid. These swellings were actually called...

  • Pneumoes
  • Buboes
  • Bubonics
  • Septicemics

4. How much of Britain's population was killed?

  • A quater
  • A half
  • A third
  • A fifth

5. How much of Europe's population were killed?

  • A quater
  • A fifth
  • A third
  • A half


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