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2. What were the four humours?

  • Phlegm, Faeces, Yellow Bile, Disease
  • Blood,Phlegm,Yellow Bile,Black Bile
  • Blood, Faeces, Nausia, Black Bile
  • Red Bile, Yellow Bile, Blood, Phlegm

3. What did the Ancient Eygptians believed caused disease?

  • Humours out of balance
  • Blocked Channels
  • Miasmas
  • Astrology

4. What is a difference between Greek and Roman medicine?

  • Bad air made people ill
  • The theory of the four humours
  • Clinical observation.
  • The God Asclepius

5. Who was Hippocrates?

  • A Greek God!
  • A Emperor who thought public health was important
  • A Greek doctor who believed in the theory of the four humours
  • A surgeon who believed in opposites.


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