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How was Ferdinand reminded of the vast wealth of the nobility of Isabella's death in 1504?
Vast ducats and cavalry of Medina Sidonia and Duke of Infantado owned 90,000 vassals
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When did Philip die?
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Who declared war against Ferdinand in 1507 and was defeated in 1508?
Medina Sidonia
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Who made a personnal appeal to Charles to come in 1516?
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When did Ferdinand take back Naples after it's seizure by the French in 1594?
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Why did Ferdinand seek a better relationship with the French?
Death of Prince Arthur 1502- jeprodizes English alliance/ Death of Philip 1506- weakens alliance with Maximilian
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How did Ferdinand secure a better relationship with the French?
Married Germaine de Foix 1506
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Give 5 examples of Henry VI's incompetence
IPalencia/ Farce of Avila 1564-5/ AB of Toledo organised I and F's marriage behind his back/ Selling and reselling of land with hereditary succession- 3% of the population owning 79% of land/ only receiving 10m maravedis instead of 75m
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When was Isabella declared rightful heir and when was she corronated?
1468 and 1474
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Give 5 examples of how Ferdinand was beneath Isabella?
Resides permanently in Castille/ no political or military action without I's consent/ Carrillo organised that he is subject to Nobility's judgement/ Aragon crown paid dowry/ not invited to corronation
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Give 3 examples of how the Segovia agreement in 1475 created an image of unification
Blended coat of arms/ Gordian Knot/ 'Tanto Monta, Monta Tanto'/ Coins
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Give 3 examples of how this monarchy was an autocracy in it's medieval focus on personal rule?
Peripatetic/ Every town received royal visits/ attended public hearings every friday
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Why did the Archbishop of Toledo begin the Battle of Toro in 1476?
He thought he would be able to manipulate a female, and therefore weak, monarchy but was wrong- sided with Joanna in Portugal
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From where did the Spanish Monarchy have strong support?
The Pope
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How did this lead to a decrease in the power of the nobility?
Drove a wedge between the Archbishop of Toledo and the church after accusation of his supporting a foreign invasion/ Ferdinand carried away from nobles by foot soldiers
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Why was Isabella confident in 1478?
Gave birth to John/ Sacked Palencia and hired Pulgar
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When did the Master of Santiago die?
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What were the outcomes of the Act of Resumption 1480?
Neither Alfonso or Joanna can claim throne/ take back gifts given away 1464-74= 30m maravedis/ peasants allowed to leave Master- crown reimburses nobles
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How did Isabella use government to decrease the power of the nobility?
7 letrados (educated lawyers/at least 10 years experience)/ 5 departments of state (hermandad/ inquisition/ finance/ foreign affairs/ justice)
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What was the Cortes?
17 towns met to express grievances, offer advice and grant money
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Why was the Cortes not called between 1482 and 1498?
Isabella was governing through the Hermandad, Cortes able to shut down Hermandad in exchange for money in 1498
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How many times did they meet between 1498 and 1506?
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When did the crown receive all the masterships?
Caltrava 1487/ Alcantara 1494/ Santiago 1499
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What was the outcome of the councils called by Carrillo in1473, 1480 and 1481?
Improve standards of church- witnesses at weddings, preach in Latin, appropriate dress, no carnivals= low standards...
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Why did Charles have Los Cobos and Tavera as advisors?
Opposing political parties, no risk of being overthrown or slacking
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What was the difference between the crowning of Charles and Philip?
Charles faced Justicia and members of the Cortes/ Philip knelt infront of the alter- subject to God- Justicia under royal authority
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What was the repayment for Juros in 1522 and 1543?
36% and 68%
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What was the outcome of having the price of bread at a set price?
The farmers were left with no resource= no produce
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In what way was there no religious unity after the victory in Granada 1492?
Talevera- No enforced conversion, max. 100 voluntary conversions/ clergy learned Arabic
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When did Cisneros take over and how did he use Granada for Catholic reform?
1499- Enforced baptism- 1502- no Muslims in Castille/ 1507- 4 Cathedrals and 100 Churches/ 1508- Polygot Bible and University of Alcala
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What was the Moorish policy in Aragon?
'More Moores, more profit'/ Moriscos paid fee to Charles to be left alone for 40 years
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How did the enforced baptism of the Moores lead to a financial loss?
Catholics are paid more!
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Give 3 examples of Grand Chancellor Gattinara's reforms between 1522 and 1524
Reformed Council of Castille, Founded Council of Finance and Council of Indies
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Where did Los Cobos set up a central repository for official documents?
Fortess of Simancas
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Why was the Consejo de Estado useless?
Charles dispensed of advice to avoid jealousy in those not included
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What did the council of finance become pre occupied with?
Charles' debt
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What did Charles vest authority in rather than individuals and nobles?
Audiencias and Viceroyalties
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What was the consulta?
Met regularly to discuss viceroys dispatches- views reported and sent to king- majority view accepted
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How were the councils inaffective?
Passed from father to son- rarely man of experience in the council of finance
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Why was there corruption within the Councils?
Small salaries to increase motivation in hope of receiving rewards
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In what way did this lead to a new class of nobles?
, Los Cobos died earning 60,000 ducats = nobility- daughter married duke of Sessa
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When were there trading bodies set up to allow trade with the rest of Europe?
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What was the Guild of Wagoners and when were they set up?
Improved quality of roads- 1497
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When was the House of Trade set up and what was it's purpose?
1503- regulate income from the New World
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What did the revenue increase by from 1474- 1504?
900,000 to 26m
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How much did the crown get from America in 1515?
11.9m ducats
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What was the Mesta?
Tax on sheep- 3 million sheep
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How many economic ordinances were there during Isabella's reign?
120- purely for show
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What did the return of the Arable land to it's original use lead to?
Food shortages until 1483
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What was the military cost between 1495 and 1504?
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How much did Catherine's wedding cost in 1502?
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When did the Encabezameintos made fixed and how did this lead to economic decline?
1515- tax from towns consistent, inflation!
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What did the payment for Juros increase to from 1504-1516?
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What was the surprise attack on Zahara in 1481 a reflection of?
1453 Fall of Constantinople
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How was the victory in Granada due to failure in the Moores rather than victory for Castile?
Division- Boabdil/ 3 Sultans
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When was Malaga capitulated and why is this significant?
1487- main sea port
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What does the dismissal of Lallemand in 1529 demonstrate?
Suggested Charles be lenient with French- economically sensible suggestion= fired- medieval autocracy
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When did Charles limit the contribution of the Cortes?
1544- only met once every three years
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Give 3 examples of Ferdinand's victory against the Turks?
1497- Manila/ 1505- Mers et Kebir/ 1509- Oren
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When did Barbarossa seize Tunis and what was the outcome?
1534- Charles lead successful armada
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When did France invade Naples and when was Ferdinand fighting to get it back?
1494/ 1494-1504
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When did France invade Milan?
1515- Ferdinand's death allowed Francis to become Duke of Milan
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When did Charles take back Milan?
1521 + crushed counter offence in 1522
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What was the outcome of the Battle of Pavia?
1525- Charles captured Francis
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Who was Adrian of Ultrecht?
Regent of Castile/ 1521- banned Lutheran texts and blocked ports + became pope in 1522
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Why did Alonso de Manrique fall from favour in 1529?
Son, Rodrigo de Manrique, personal friend of Erasmus
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Who was Juan de Valdes?
Wrote 'Dialogue of a Christian doctrine' in 1529 and fled to Italy 1530
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In what way was the growth of Luther a threat to Charles politically rather than religiously?
Sola fida/ sola scriptura= focus on the individual which contrasts to imperial monarchism
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Who was Juan do Vagera?
Named source of Lutheran texts/ Senior academic at Alcala
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Who was Fernando de Valdes?
'Extirpation' Kamen
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What was the government of rebels that started the Communeros revolt?
Junta of Avila
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When was the revolt stopped and why was it so easy?
1521- Battle of Villalar- 3 rebel leaders executed/ it had become a class based rebellion causing the nobles to side with the crown
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What began the Germania revolt?
Conflict between the Guilds and Nobles- Germania seized control of Valencia's capital
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Why was the Germania revolt easily destroyed?
The origional leader, Horens, was killed and replaced with Vincent Paris who was much more radical
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What were 4 financial consequences of the Spanish Inquisition and the expulsion of the Jews?
Fugger Bank/ 700 families in Valencia tried to escape before arrival of Inquisition- 34% in commerce/ Seville thrust into economic decline/ dislocated wool market
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When were the first conversos burned?
1481- 6 burned
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How much was Diego DeSusan worth?
10m maravedis
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When did the crown recieve a papal bull allowing 7 more inquisitors?
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When and why was the Inquisition stopped?
1482- Pope responds to clerical protests
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Who offered Isabella money to let the Jews stay and why did she not accept this?
Abraham Senior- Torquamada claimed it was like selling Christ again
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When was Pedro Arbues killed?
1485 by 3 converso hired conspiretors
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What was the Holy Child of la Guardia?
1490- 10 conversos aledgidly kidnapped and crucified young boy
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