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What was the Wall Street Crash?
When the Wall Street stock market crashed in October 1929, the world economy was plunged into the Great Depression. By the winter of 1932, America was in the depths of the greatest economic depression in its history.
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What policies did Hoover supports?
Rugged individualism and laissez-faire.
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What were the shanty towns Hoover built called?
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What did Hoover do?
He gave $4 million to soup kitchens and created jobs by building a Hoover damn.
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What were the '3Rs'?
1.Relief – Measures to help the millions who were unemployed and homeless Recovery – Policies to rebuild the economy that had suffered due to the Depression Reform – Legislation and laws to create a fairer society
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What happened is Roosevelt's first 100 days?
He set up Alphabet Agencies
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What was the AAA?
The AAA tried to encourage farmers to produce less by paying them not to produce in the hope that prices would rise and farmers would make a profit.
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What was the TVA?
This gave support to people of the Tennessee Valley who had suffered from food shortages. They built 21 dams to produce hydro-electricity, providing work for thousands of people and bringing electrical power to the area.
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What were the benefits of the New Deal?
1.As a result of the AAA, farmers’ money doubled between 1932-39.2. The TVA improved the lives of 7 million people.
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What were the Criticisms of the New Deal?
People thought trade unions were un-American and that they challenged the idea of rugged individualism.Many argued that Roosevelt’s projects were a short-term solution, and that they provided the government with cheap labour.
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What made Suburbia popular?
It was possible for them to do this because they could buy cars, the standard of roads was better and the interest on mortgages was low.
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What was McCarthyism?
Encouraged anti-communist feelings. He accused people of being communists, stating that he had a list of communists who were working in government, in the army and in other important posts.
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What was JFK's policy and what did it aim to do?
The New Frontier. It aimed to eliminate poverty, inequality and deprivation.
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What did the New Frontier acutally do?
Increased the Minimum wage, increased benefits and established training schemes for the unemployed.
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What was LBJ's policy and what did it aim to do?
Aimed to continue the New Frontier and it was called 'The Great Society'.
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What did LBJ achieve?
gave money to schools in cities to provide a better education for the poor. In 1966 Johnson persuaded Congress to agree to an act that would provide free medical care for the elderly. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed.
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What policies did Hoover supports?


Rugged individualism and laissez-faire.

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What were the shanty towns Hoover built called?


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What did Hoover do?


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What were the '3Rs'?


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