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2. What was the perfect woman to Hitler?

  • A 1930 Flapper style woman
  • A woman who was a perfect Aryan but wore makeup
  • A woman who had child bearing hips, long hair, no makeup, did not go out to work and took no interest in politics.
  • A woman who went out and earned money for her family.

3. When did Hitler become Chancellor?

  • January 1933
  • January 1937
  • February 1999
  • June 1932

4. What was the night of broken glass?

  • A Nazi celebration
  • A big fire which took place in Reichstag
  • A night where Nazis went and destroyed Jewish businesses and took some Jews
  • A night when Hitler decided to go and kill every Jew

5. what were Hitlers perfect race called?

  • Swastika
  • Aryans
  • Hindenburg
  • Ariels


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