o neills economic policies
£900m investment to invest and attract , economic concil set up under brian faulkner, craig of avon set up , new uni set up in colerain
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successes of the policies
new motorways , oil refinerys opened ,new airport,an electric supply and agreed 3500 new jobs created
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failures of the policies
20,000 jobs lost in manafacturing and linen factories , un employment was 7-8% , several companies refused to open factories , harland and wolff had to be kept afloat by pumpin money in 1963-1969
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how did o neill extend the hand of friendship ????
jan- 1965 met TAOISEACH sean lemass in stormont and went to dublin a month later, n+s ministers met to discuss tourism and electric FAILED TO TELL CABINET , 1967 - o neil met with jack lynch , lemass soccessor ,
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visted cardinal conway leader of irish catholics in armagh ,ofered sympathies of the death of pope john , visted catholic schools and hospatals and increased the financial provision to catholic school and hospatals
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unionist reaction to o neills pollicies
he failed to tell his cabinet that he was meeting sean lemass in january 1965 - he was also critised by Dr paisley also rioting occured in 1916 . 2 were murdered by the uvf and this also caused tension
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natonlists reaction to o neills pollicies
his policies caused frustration as the furture promised failed . the younger generation of catholic were let as the folllowing were failures: no attempts to increase catholics m'ship of health and ed. the new uni in colrain not derry
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started in early 1967 , inspired by the us civil rights campagin students protest in france non sectarian , used peace full tactics
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one man one vote , fair allocation of concil housing ,end gerrymandering ,prevent discrimination ,remove b specials
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NICRA was supported by
new generation of catholics , eddie m'ateer and the nationlists party also some sympathatic protestants and trade unionists
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why did people not like nicra ?
was seen as a front for the ira , and it was only interested in catholics rights,
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first march august 1968 due to allocation of housing from colesland to dungannon 2nd 5th october due to non fair allocation to concil housing this caused violence and sheavy handed tactics were used and beamed across the world (RTE)
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NICRA AND O NEILLS 5 point programme
concil houses allocated , replace london derry conporation by a development comisson , removal of B specials powers act ,reform and local gout and get rid of plural vote ,ombudsman introduced
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end of o neill
30th of jan 69 oup mps called a crossroad election instead in which he hoped he proves that public opinion backed him up 24th feb o neill had no support dup support reduced , no catholic support ONEILL NEARLY LOST HIS OWN SEAT TO PAILEY !
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o neill resigned
o neill resigned in april1969
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successes of the policies


new motorways , oil refinerys opened ,new airport,an electric supply and agreed 3500 new jobs created

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failures of the policies


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how did o neill extend the hand of friendship ????


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