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what was the yalta conference?
it was between stalin, roosevelt and churchill in febuary 1945. they decided to split germany into four zones. also free elections were held for eastern european countries. Russia was invited to join the united nations.
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a policy by which contries give in to the demands of dictators to avoid war breaking out.
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buffer zone
the eastern european communist countries which seperated the USSR from the capital west.
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west + eastern block
west = capatalist east = communist
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noeth atlantic treaaty organisation. a miliary alliance between the USA and the western countries.
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satellite country or state
a country under the influence of one of the superpowers.
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soviet satellites
eastern european countries controlled by the USSR.
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warsaw pact
a military alliance beween the USSR and the eastern european countries formed in 1955 in response to NATO.
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the arms race
the competitive build up of nuclear weapons between the USA and the soviet union.
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bay of pigs
when an american organised invasion by cuban exiles, landed and was defeated by castro's forces. 17-20 april 1961
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berlin airlift
the response by the USA and UK to a soviet blockade of all land and canal routes in the city. 2.3 million tonnes of supplies were shipped by air to the western sector from june 1948 to may 1949
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the soviet version of an economic community- the council for mutual economic cooperation was moscow's answer to the marshall plan.
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cuban missile crisis
october 1962 - the soviet union placed nuclear weapons on cuba and the US responded with a blockade.
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a thaw in relations between the US and the soviet union from 1969-75
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hungarian uprising
a mass uprising that was crushed by soviet troops and tanks 3-4 november 1956
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Marshall plan
the european recovery plan intended to bolster western democracy in the years following WW2
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islamis rebels opposed to the soviet-backed 1979 cup in afghanistan recieved support and funding from the USA
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potsdam conference
third war time meeting of churchill, turman and stalin. germany had been defeated and Truman was angry about the size of reparationsand that a communist government was being set up in Poland. truman also didn't tell stalin that he had an atomic bomb.
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prague spring
brief period of political reform and freedom in czechoslovakia in 1968 under the leadership of alexander dubcek - ended by the soviet occupation.
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strategic arm limitation talks in the late 1960s + 70s. SALT l limited each countries ballistic missile defense and froze deploymen if ICBM launchers
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set limit on the number of strategic missile launchers and other systems each country could deploy.
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the space race
competition between the US and soviet union to dominate outer space.
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the first artificial earth satellite launched by moscow in 1957.
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truman doctrine
establishedin 1947. it pledged to provide US military and economic aid to any nation threatened by communism.
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a policy by which contries give in to the demands of dictators to avoid war breaking out.

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