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2. what happened in the reservations to destroy indian life?

  • Children were put in boarding schools to be taught to be american, chief privaleges taken away.
  • killing of indians in the reservations
  • ceremonies and dances
  • forced labour

3. what is Manifest Destiny?

  • Belief that to make America civilised by bringing technology and education
  • it is a belief that all americans are savages
  • it is a way to carry a Tipi
  • it is a belief about the buffalo dying

4. what was life like the cowboys?

  • Burn houses down, raided cattle
  • Drove cattle from Texas to cow towns,treated sick cattle
  • shooting everyone, hang in gangs of cowboys and raid houses
  • Helped cattle, helped people

5. what was the name of the spirit that created life?

  • Guardian of the Anus
  • Blue horse
  • Wakan Tanka
  • Osirious


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