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1. How did William Harvey prove that the heart was a pump?

  • He stole dead bodies and dissected on them
  • He used Hippocrates written knowledge as a guide
  • Dissected live cold-blooded animals whose hearts beat slowly so he could see the movement of each muscle in the heart
  • Plenty of practice and knowledge as an army surgeon
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2. What was the channel theory based on and what time period was it from?

  • The river Nile; Ancient Egypt
  • The River Colorado; Medieval
  • The River Congo; renaissance
  • The river Nile; Ancient Rome

3. What was Florence Nightingale's belief about the cause of disease?

  • Overcrowded houses
  • Miasma
  • Dirty rooms
  • Germ Theory

4. Who created the NHS?

  • Anuerin Bevan
  • Edwin Chadwick
  • Sir William Beveridge
  • Joseph Bazalgette

5. Which time period did they believe that God sent the black death for their sins as a punishment?

  • Renaissance
  • Medieval Western Europe
  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Egypt


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