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What land was taken from the Germans in the ToV?
Alsace Lorraine and the Polish Corridor.
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Treaty of Versailles: Reparations
£6.6 billion
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ToV: Military restrictions
100,000 + 6 battleships
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ToV: What war the war guilt clause?
the rules that stated that Germany had to accept full responsibilty for the Greawar
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The Weimar Constitution- negatives
Article 48
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How was the Spartacist Revolt defeated?
The Freikorps
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What were the Freikorps
Former soldiers
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When was the Kapp Putsch?
March 13th-17th 1920
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Who led the Kapp Putsch?
Hitler and Wolfgang Kapp
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What did Hitler and Kapp want from the Kapp Putsch?
They wanted to form another government
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How was the Kapp Putsh defeated?
Kapp just gave up
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Why did the French invade the Ruhr in 1923?
To take the resources in payment of the reparations
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How did the government make sure there was nothing for the French to take when they invaded the Ruhr?
They told the workers to go on passive resistance
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How many workers from the Ruhr were killed when the French invaded?
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cost of an egg in 1918 and then in November 1923
1/4 of a mark then 80 million marks
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What was hyperinflations?
Money became worthless
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what caused it?
Germany printed more money to pay the reparations
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How was Hitler punished for the Munich Putsch?
he got five years in prison
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What was Hitlers book called and what did it do?
Mein Kampf and it set out all his beliefs
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Treaty of Versailles: Reparations


£6.6 billion

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ToV: Military restrictions


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ToV: What war the war guilt clause?


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The Weimar Constitution- negatives


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