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2. What was the 1547 act?

  • First offence- two years slavery Second offence- slavery for life or execution
  • First offence- five years slavery Second offence- Execution
  • First offence- Returned to original birth place Second offence- Two years slavery

3. What year did Mary I reign from and till?

  • 1539-1543
  • 1553-1558
  • 1550-1555
  • 1563-1567

4. Why was the Church of England created? What year?

  • 1533, Henry VIII wasn't catholic
  • 1544, Henry VIII didn't like the Catholic laws and wanted to rule by his own rules
  • 1534, Henry VIII created the church of England in order to remarry and have a son.
  • 1530, Henry VIII wanted to create a new religion to signify his importance in England

5. What is a heretic?

  • Someone who goes against the religion of his/her country
  • Someone who trespasses on land
  • Someone unemployed
  • Someone who starts riots


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