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2. What was the 1572 act?

  • First offence- Whipping and burning of an ear Second offence- Execution
  • Whipping and trail by ordeal Second offence- Burning at the stake
  • First offence- Exhilement Second offence- Execution

3. Which child was catholic and which were protestant?

  • Elizabeth and Mary were protestant and Edward was catholic
  • Edward and Elizabeth were protestant and Mary was catholic
  • Edward and Mary were protestant and Elizabeth was catholic

4. What year did Edward VI reign from and till?

  • 1543-1546
  • 1540-1544
  • 1547-1553
  • 1539-1545

5. What year did Henry VIII become king of England

  • 1508
  • 1509
  • 1506
  • 1501


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