History - Early modern period

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1. What religion did England belive in during Elizabeth's reign?

  • Protestant, Church of England
  • Catholic
  • She want religious and England was able to support which ever religion they supported
  • Muslim
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2. What was the 1531 act for vagrancy?

  • They returned him/her to their original bith place and exhiled from the place they were found and prosected in
  • Whipped
  • Vagabonds were to be whipped until their body was bloody and returned to their birth place
  • They were put into two years slavery and returned to their birth place

3. What is vagrancy?

  • People who wandered the country
  • People who are unemployed and wander the country without a settled job
  • People who quit their jobs and had no employment
  • people who went against the king/queen

4. What happened in 1576?

  • House of Corrections was built in each country to punish or employ beggars
  • 1576 act was repealed and replaced with 1931 act
  • Nothing

5. What year did Henry VIII become king of England

  • 1508
  • 1501
  • 1509
  • 1506


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