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2. name of nazi party when hitler joined in 1919

  • nazi party
  • National Socialist Germany workers party
  • socialism party
  • totalitarianism party

3. Charlie Do You Like Lorraine Kelly

  • Currency reform, Dawes plan, Young plan, Locarno pact, League of nations, Kellogg briand pact
  • Currency reform, Deaths plan, Young plan, League of germany League of nations, Kellogg briand pact
  • Chanceler reform, Dawes plan, Old plan, Legend streseman, League of germany

4. What was article 48

  • President could suspend the constitution and pass laws by decree
  • controlled by the people
  • an election system
  • the rules of germany

5. what does nationalism mean

  • old style Germany
  • dislike jews
  • self pride not to be brought down by TOV and purifying the german race
  • strong family rules


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