Historical Legacies

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Overview of France
Pop 62.3 mil Capital Paris Area 543,965 square km
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Overview Italy
Pop 60 mil Capital Rome Area 301,338 square km
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Overview Germany
Pop 82.2 mil Capital Berlin Area 357.027 square km
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Overview Netherlands
Pop 16.6 mil Capital Amsterdam, Hague where govt sits, Area 41.864 square km
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The legacy of the French revolution
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Legitimacy based on the rule of law. Republicansim - novelty at the time. Separation of church and state. One nation, one state.
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From the fourth Republic to the Fifth Republic
1946 (4th) recover state from the implications on WWII rebuilding, Strong internal republic. Not stable, no consensus. After decolonisation, 1958(5th) General De Gaulle, Presidency
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Social cleavage in France
Class; urban-rural. Secularism. National indentities. 'Les pieds Noirs' - French Algerians no accepted by the French, suggested to return to Algeria, dont belong in France. Second generations and intergration
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Weimar/WWII legacy
Late unification (1871) a state of many nations, the Prussian state legacy. Recovering from Napeolonic wars was the driving force for unification, reviving the nation. Weimar Republic, WWII losing and rebuilding
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Germany Finding their bearings
division amongst allies - no national unotym still divided. Division of the country. 1989 fall of the Berlin wall. Reunification, 1949 Grundgesetz - constitution applied after reunification
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Germany - a country of many nations
16 states - the lander, East-West divide. Catholicism vs Protestantism Post-materialism. Turkish community
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The Netherlands - Pillarisation of cultures
A country embodying reformation. A society dodvoded according to Pillars. strong religious divide led to separation/segregation of soceity. live sperate lives. Two nations in one countr. WWII unified them, delcine in religious beliefs. Catholic/prote
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The Netherlands the 2002 shock
Pim Fortuynm radical views on immigration increases conflict - political assissination. Theo Van Gogh misrepresentation women in muslim society in his films, assissinated. Clash of values: tolerance and intergration. Post materialism, tolerant societ
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Italy creating a nation state
Late Unfication (1861) Huge national and economic diversity. diverse dialect- couldnt understand each other. The North vs the South, WWII on the losing side, American influence on the building of democracy
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Italy social cleavages
North south divide still there - North more developed. Secularism vs Catholics a culture of clientelism - mafia influence, low trust on political institutions
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Italy Tangentopoli 1992-94
Mani Pulite, Uncovering of conspicuous network of corruption, step towards more democratic society. Results, Demise of the DC, New electoral system, New party system. Perception of politicians hasnt changed. More nationalist parties
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Key challenges in France
Integration of 2nd/3rd generation of emigrants, social security viability, university education
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Key challenges in Italy
Legitimacy of political institutions and leaders, lack of ideological clarity,North-South divide
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Key challenges in Germany
Viability welfare state, East-West divide
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Key challenges in the Netherlands
Intergration of new emigrant, communites with the culture of tolerance
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Overview Italy


Pop 60 mil Capital Rome Area 301,338 square km

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Overview Germany


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Overview Netherlands


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