Histology of Cartilage - Medicine BM5 NLM1

Histology of Cartilage for BM5 NLM1.

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1. What substances give cartilage its tensile strength?

  • Collagen & elastic fibres
  • Fibrocollagen fibres
  • Ground substance fibres
  • Proteoglycan fibres
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2. What are chondroprogenitor cells?

  • Repair cells that actively reseal any broken sections of cartilage
  • Bone stem cells that lie in the cartilage
  • Cartilage stem cells that lie in the inner layers of the perichondrium
  • Cartilage respiration cells that produce ATP by a similar mechanism to mitochondria

3. Select the statement which best identifies cartilage.

  • A soft, pliable, resilient, non-vascular connective tissue
  • A firm, pliable, resilient, non-vascular connective tissue
  • A soft, pliable, resilient, vascular connectivetissue
  • A firm, non-pliable, resilient, non-vascular connective tissue

4. From what does cartilage initially originate?

  • Chondroclasts
  • Chondrochymal tissue cells
  • Mesenchymal tissue cells
  • Chondrocytes

5. Select the statement that correctly identifies a feature/features of fibrocartilage.

  • Well developed & very visible perichondrium
  • Yellow in its fresh form
  • Durable with high tensile strength & resistance to compression
  • Strong, resilient and highly elasticated


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