Histology of Cartilage - Medicine BM5 NLM1

Histology of Cartilage for BM5 NLM1.

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1. Select the statement that correctly identifies a feature/features of fibrocartilage.

  • Strong, resilient and highly elasticated
  • Well developed & very visible perichondrium
  • Durable with high tensile strength & resistance to compression
  • Yellow in its fresh form
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2. What is the role of proteoglycans in the cartilage ECM?

  • Provides power
  • Provides honour
  • Provides resilience
  • Provides courage

3. Which type of fibres predominantly make up hyaline cartilage?

  • Collagen type II
  • Collagen type I
  • Elastin
  • Collagen type III

4. Where is elastic cartilage most often found?

  • Epiglottis, external ear & Eustachian tubes
  • Symphysis Pubis, intervertebral disks & site of some tendon-bone attachments
  • Major air pipes, articulating bone surfaces & fetal skeleton
  • Oropharangeal airway, nasopharyngeal airway & epiglottis

5. What are the two types of growth that cartilage can undergo?

  • Interstitial & Appositional
  • Intramembranous & Endochondral
  • Interstitial & Endochondral
  • Appositonal & Endochondral


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