Histology of Bone - BM5 NLM1

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1. In broad terms, bone tissue consists of four elements. Whatare they?

  • Epiosteum, Endosteum, Osteocytes, Osteoclasts
  • Periosteum, Epiosteum, Endosteum, ECM
  • Periosteum, Endosteum, Bone matrix, Bone cells
  • Endosteum, Hyposteum, Osteocytes, Osteoclasts
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2. Where are Osteoprogenitor cells located?

  • Endosteum only
  • Periosteum, Endosteum & ECM
  • Periosteum & Endosteum only
  • Periosteum only

3. Where are Osteoblasts located?

  • Periosteum & Endosteum only
  • Periosteum only
  • Endosteum only
  • Periosteum, Endosteum & ECM

4. What is the role of canaliculi?

  • To allow Osteocytes to communicate with Osteoprogenitor cells
  • To keep neighbouring Osteocytes in contact via gap junctions
  • To provide felxibility to the ECM
  • To provide rigidity to the ECM

5. What makes up the majority of the inorganic minerals of the bone ECM (hint: aka Hydroxyapatite crystals)?

  • Calcium phosphate complexes
  • Sodium fluoride complexes
  • Magnesium phosphate complexes
  • Magnesium nitrate complexes


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