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1. Why is it a disadvantage to posses organs that have no benefit?

  • The gene responsible for the redundant organ is subject to mutation
  • They can be attacked by parasites
  • They can be susceptible to tumour formation
  • All of the above
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2. Define heterometry

  • Evolutionary change in developmental timing
  • Evolutionary change in the size, amount or concentration of a 'thing'
  • Evolutionary change in the spatial arrangement of development
  • Evolutionary change of a 'thing' produced

3. Adult parasitic barnacles lack an abdomen, nauplius larva have ____

  • A full sized abdomen
  • A vestigal abdomen
  • No abdomen

4. Changes in the size of eyespots is an example of

  • Heterotypy
  • Heterometry
  • Heterochrony
  • Heterotopy

5. Brain size in humans c.f. chimps is not real heterometry

  • False
  • True


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