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2. What is the term used to describe the variation in frequency of different genotypes in a small population, owing to chance disappearance of particular genes as individuals die/don't reproduce?

  • Genetic bottleneck
  • Genetic drift
  • Genetic variation
  • Heterotypy

3. Define neoteny

  • When the developmental process begins earlier
  • Sexual maturity during a juvenile stage
  • Juvenile characteristics occuring in adult forms
  • Development of additional traits past adulthood

4. Define heterochrony

  • Evolutionary change in the size, amount or concentration of a 'thing'
  • Evolutionary change in developmental timing
  • Evolutionary change in the spatial arrangement of development
  • Evolutionary change of a 'thing' produced

5. What is peramorphosis?

  • The development of additional traits past adulthood and new developmental stages are added to the lifecycle
  • Development cut short by early maturity and adult resembles juvenile stages of the ancestor
  • When the developmental process begins later
  • When the rate of development is unchanged but total development time is extended, permitting the addition of new stages to the end of the ancestral development sequence


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