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Larry Lasalle abuses young children > shows he is mentally insane
"pretty young things"
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Larry Lasalle scared/ fragile > the effects of war
"the movei-star smile gone"
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Larry Lasalle idol cormeir used the name of the novel> important to Francis
"silver smile hero"
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Francis blunt> depressed no bothered by his appearence
"i have no face"
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Francis blames himself
"im sorry"
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Francis detailed> remembers everything at her> in love
"i saw Nicole Renard for the first time in seventh grade at St. Judes"
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Nicole pircturesque> saint like
"reminded me of the statue of St Therese"
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Nicole alliteration> symbolic shes innocent and weak
"small and slender"
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Nicole pur> aliteration
"pale purity of her face"
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Larry memorising
"your all stars"
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Francis determined
"my mision" repeated through out the first chapters
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Nicole symperfetic
"oh Frances"
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Nicole scared
"don't go"
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Francis idealises Larry but doesnt full trust him
The words sounded false as I said them and I realized they were Larry’s words, not mine.
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Larry Lasalle changed by war> no longer a hero in Francis eyes
"He is pale, eyes sunken into the sockets …"
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"the movei-star smile gone"


Larry Lasalle scared/ fragile > the effects of war

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"silver smile hero"


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"i have no face"


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"im sorry"


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