Hepatitis b

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What family of viruses does hepatitis b belong to
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Does Hep B have an envelope
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Is hep B ** or ds DNA
Partially ds DNA
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What does Hepatotropic
a disease that causes inflammation of the liver
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what is the genera of heptaits b
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Where is the A genotype most common
europe, north america, australia, and afric
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Where is the b genotype most common
East and Southeast Asia, Alaska
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Where is the c genotype most common
East and Southeast Asia, Pacific
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Where is the d genotype most common
Mediterranean, Africa, Europe, West Asia
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Where is the e genotype most common
West Africa
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Where is the f genotype most common
Central and South America
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Where is the g genotype most common
Europe, North America
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Where is the h genotype most common
Central America
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Where is the i genotype most common
Vietnam, Laos
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Where is the j genotype most common
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What are 2 key markers of HBV
HBsAG a s surface antigen for the outer cout - if present there is a curent infection, and Anti-HB this is the main defence againsr the virus, produce recovery or vaccination, HBcAg hep b core antigen found in infected hepato, AntiHBc all infected pp
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What does a +ve HbsAg AntiHBc and -ve AntiHBs mean
there is a current infection
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What does a -ve HBsAg and a +ve AntiHBs and AntiHBc mean
past infection recovered
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What does a -ve HBsAG anf 0ve ANtiHBc mean
individual has been vaccinated
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What does a -ve HBsAg and -ve AntiHBs and +ve Anti HBc mean
there was a past infection that could reactivate if person is immunocomprimised
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How is HBV spread
blood and bodily fluid inoculation
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what is the latency period of hep B
6-24 weeks
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In which age group is acute hep b often asymptomatic
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What it the prodrome of acute hep b
It is non specific like anorexia nausea vomiting
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How does acue hep B present clinically
Jaundice, RUQ abdominal pain, dark urine, deranged LFT - raised bilirubin, and alanine transferase
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What is the outcome of acute hep b
90% recoverr 1% fulimant (progressses lethally) people you fail to eradicate disease = chronic
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What is HBeAG
envelop antigen, produced during viral replication, not part of the viron, not required for replication, indicated active viral replication,
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Which is more accurate in predicting infectious disease HBeAG or HBV DNA
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Why does HBV lead to liver damage
HBV gets into hepatocytes and then host immune system attacks and destroys hepatocyts
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What are the 5 stages of chronic HBV
1. High replicative/low inflammatory phase, 2. immune clearance phase, 3. low-replicative phase 4. HBeAg negative chronic hep 5.HBsAG loss occult hep b
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Who characteristically experiences high replicative phase
the immunosurpressed or those with a child hoood infection
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is high replicative phase symptomatic
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is the LFT deranged in high replicative phase
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what markers are present in high replicative phase
HBsAg +, HBeAg +, High Viral Load
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when is Immune clearance phase most commonn
adulthood or following immune reconsitution
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Is Immune clearance phase symptomatic
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is lft normal in Immune clearance phase
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What happens in Low (non)- replicative phase
successful control of virus, Sero-conversion from HBeAg positive to anti-HBe positive
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What markers are there in Low (non)- replicative phase
HBsAg positive
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Is Low (non)- replicative phase symptomatic
no and there is a normal lft
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What is HBeAg negative chonic hep bb
A new mutated form that can by symptomatic, may have variable LFT, HBsAg +, HBeAg –  Moderate Viral Load
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HBsAg loss/occult hepatitis B phase
A functionall cure/ resolved hep (there is a potential for reactivation)
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What markers will there b
anti-HBc positive
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How ca you prevent hep b
Vaaination (an inactivated recombinant HBsag)
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What is the treatment of hep b
An immune modulator e.g ifn alpha, and a nucleoside/tide analogues e.f. Lamivudine  Adefovir  Telbivudine  Entecavir  Tenofovir
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what stages of HBV can be treated with antivirals
Immune clearance phase, and HBeAg negative chronic hepatitis B
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ad some **** about genetics
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