Henry's changing relations with the catholic church

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1. What was the purpose of the Acts if six Articles in 1539?

  • clergy ordered to preach against the pope
  • They asserted the doctrine of transubstantiation, clerical celibacy and private masses
  • reafirmed there is a purgatory
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2. when did the break with Rome begin?

  • 1531
  • 1530
  • 1529
  • 1528

3. When was the Bishops Book issued?

  • 1532
  • 1537
  • 1536
  • 1540

4. What was the name given to the rebellion over the disslution of the small monasteries?

  • Charge of the light bregade
  • Pilgriamge of Grace
  • Buckingham's rebellion

5. What role did Anne Boleyn play in the reformation?

  • introduced Henry to theological works written by the likes of William Tyndale
  • drafted much legislation
  • ordered that children were taught the Lord's prayer, Ten Commandments and the Articles of Faith


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