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2. What was one of the triumphs of the reformation parliament?

  • Kept the artwork of the Abbeys
  • passing acts to limit pluracies and non-residence of preists
  • Got rid of Wolsey

3. in what year was the 'Holy maid of Kent' a threat?

  • 1529
  • 1531
  • 1530

4. Why were Bishop John Fisher and Sir Thomas Moore executed in 1535?

  • Defended Anne Boleyn
  • Refused to except the oath of supremacy
  • Joined in with the pilgrimage of grace

5. what even had taken place in 1533?

  • Henry married Anne Boleyn
  • Anne Boleyn beheaded
  • Henry married Catherine of Aragon
  • Henry divorced Catherine of Aragon


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