Henry VIII- Religion

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When was the papal dispensation allowing Henry to marry Catherine granted?
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Year that Henry married Catherine?
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What year did Henry first see/ meet Anne and how did it happen?
1522- at a pageant
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Who was Anne originally supposed to marry?
Lord Henry Percy
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By what year is Henry openly flaunting Anne at court?
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What passage from Leviticus does Henry use to support his argument?
Leviticus 20:21
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Which translation of Leviticus did Henry use as it said 'without sons' rather than 'childless'?
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Why was Pope Clement VII unlikely to agree that the previous dispensation was wrong?
Popes are supposed to be infallible- it woudl provide a basis for people to question the papacy
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Why else was Clemet VII unlikely to agree to the annulment?
Still prisoner of Charles V (Sack of Rome: 1527)
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Which biblical passage offered a counter argument to Henry's Levitical argument?
Deuteronomy 25:5
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How did Henry attempt to get around the Deuteronomy issue?
Said that it only applied to Judaism
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What did the Levitical argument depend on?
Proving that Arthur and Catherine's marriage had been consumated.
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What did Wolsey's alternative argument consist of for why the marriage should be annuled.
Catherine claims that the marriage was never consummated; the dispensation was given on the grounds of consummation, therefore in the interests of public honesty the dispensation was invalid
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Why might Wolsey's arugment have succeeded over Henry's?
It was legal rather than theological.
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Aside from wanting to marry Anne, why might Henry have wanted the annulment?
Conscience (Leviticus), lack of an heir (only Mary I),he knew he could father a son (Henry Fitzroy) so thought it must be that God was unhappy with his marriage to Catherine rather than his fault.
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What two precedents were there for papal annulments?
Louis XII of France to release him from marriage to Anne of Brittany. also given to Henry's sister, Margaret of Scotland
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In what month was Clement VII technically freed from imprisonment?
December 1527
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How did Campeggio/ Pope try to get rid of Catherine?
Tried to send her to a nunnery.
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By what year had the Pope decided that the decision was to be made in England?
1528 (but two legates had to be there- Wolsey and Campeggio)
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Who were Catherine's main supporters?
Bishop Fisher, Thomas More
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Why did Campeggio take so long to arrive in England?
Old and sick (and Pope Clement VII had told him to delay)
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When did Campeggio arrive in England?
October 1528
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Why were decisions held up further in October 1528?
the Spanish discovered a brief by Julius II that cleared up any doubts about Catherine's marriage to Henry
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What was was the English response to the discovery of the Spanish brief?
Declared it to be a fake.
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When did the court open at Blackfriars?
June 1529 (31st May)
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What excuse did Campeggio use for adjourning the Blackfriars court?
the long hot Italian summer (despite being held in England)
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What reason did Catherine give for refusing to attend the legatine court at Blackfriars?
It wasn't a legal court- the matter could only be decided in Rome
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When was Wolsey charged with praemunire?
October 1529 (charged with praemunire)
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When did Wolsey die?
24th November 1530
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Year that Henry married Catherine?



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What year did Henry first see/ meet Anne and how did it happen?


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Who was Anne originally supposed to marry?


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By what year is Henry openly flaunting Anne at court?


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