Heath and fitness

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What is health?
A state of complete mental, physical and social well-being, not simply the absence of disease or infirmity
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What is physical well-being?
Includes fitness- the ability to meet the demands of the environment with some comfort and without stress
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What is mental well-being?
Being able to concentrate and control emotions
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What is social well-being?
Being able to make and keep friends
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What is fitness?
The ability to meet the demands of the environment without undue stress or discomfort and still have energy left over for emergencies
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What is agility?
The ability to change direction quickly and still keep control of the body
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What is balance?
The ability to keep the body stable whether still, moving or in a different shape by keeping the centre of gravity over the base
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What is coordination?
The ability to use two or more parts of the body at the same time
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What is reaction time?
The time it takes to react to a stimulus
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What is timing?
The ability to judge the time and place of an object's arrival and then to select, plan nd execute appropriate movements
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What is speed?
Speed is the fastest rate at which you can complete a task or cover a distance
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What is power?
Power is the ability to apply a combination of strength and speed in an action
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What is CV endurance/stamina?
To exercise effectively for any length of time, without tiring or becoming less efficient, requires the training of the cardiorespiratory system
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What is muscular endurance?
Muscular endurance and stamina is the mucsles' ability to move weight over a long period without tiring and losing effectiveness
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What is flexibility/suppleness?
Flexibility and suppleness is the ability to move joints and articulations to their full range of movement
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What is strength?
Muscle strength is the ability of the muscles to apply force and overcome resistance
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What is dynamic strength?
Press ups as you can stretch your arms over and over again
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What is explosive strength?
In judo competition its just one big throw to get maximum score
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What is static strength?
Holding a handstand
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What does the high-protein diet require?
The intake of a large amount of protein
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Which sort of people use the high protein diet?
Weightlifters and athletes needing a loss of weight over a fairly short period of time
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When else can the high protein diet be used?
In a rehabilitation programme after injury for the repair of damaged tissue
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What is physical well-being?


Includes fitness- the ability to meet the demands of the environment with some comfort and without stress

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What is mental well-being?


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What is social well-being?


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What is fitness?


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