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2. What scale is used to measure Locus of Control?

  • Serious to not serious
  • Internal to external
  • Strong to weak
  • Good to bad

3. What are the 3 parts to this section?

  • Locus of Control, Health Belief Model and External Efficacy
  • Health Belief Model, Locus of Control and Self Efficacy
  • Health Belief Model, Cues to Action and Locus of Control
  • Locus of Control, Preventive Health Behaviours and Situationism

4. How many sources of Self Efficacy are there, according to Bandura?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 3
  • 5

5. What did Rotter conclude about Locus of Control?

  • Those with internal, and so have control, show healthier behaviour
  • Those with external have control over situations
  • Better to have external than internal
  • It is a bad theory


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