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2. What are the 5 parts of the Yale Model of Communication?

  • Cost/Benefit, Message, Situation, Health, Participants
  • Location, Primary, Efficacy, Credibility, Situation
  • Source, Message, Credibility, Target, Situation
  • Source, Communication, Target, Recipient, Fear

3. Which 3 US counties were studied in the experiment on cycle helmets?

  • Texas, Howard, Alabama
  • Baltimore, Howard, Alabama
  • Howard, Montgomery, Baltimore
  • Montgomery, Maryland, Hovland

4. Who developed the Yale Model of Communication

  • Dannenberg et al.
  • Rotter
  • Hovland et al.
  • Cowpe

5. Who showed concurrent validity to Dannenberg?

  • Cote
  • Sarafino
  • Cowpe
  • Hovland


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