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2. What did Bulpitt and Fletcher conclude?

  • We cannot improve adherence of pregnant women
  • More diseases a person has lowers adherence
  • Less likely too adhere if costs outweigh benefits
  • Self efficacy makes more of an impact than locus of control

3. Who did Lustman et al. study in 2000?

  • 100 adults with diabetes, depression and CHD
  • 60 adults with diabetes and depression
  • 90 adults with depression
  • 40 children with diabetes

4. What are TrackCap, Theraputic Outcomes, Biomedical Tests and Self-Report examples of?

  • Reducing healthy behaviour
  • Measuring adherence
  • Measuring stress
  • Treating depression

5. What was the sample in Watt's 2008 quasi experiment/self-report?

  • 38 children, average age 3 with asthma
  • 100 children, average age 4 with brain damage
  • 50 children average, age 9 with asthma
  • 11 children average, age 5 with difficulty breathing on occasions


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