Health and Social Unit 7


1. Whats the voluntary sector?

  • Provided by a non-profit organisation free of charge
  • Provided to those willing to pay
  • Cared for by relatives and/or friends on an unpaid basis
  • Commissioning the care services
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2. Whats the paramountcy principle?

  • The monitoring and control of care services
  • Making decisions for the child that may affect them
  • Putting the welfare of the child first
  • The devolation of power

3. Whats the devolved system?

  • Care system financeed through all the care sectors of funding
  • Monitoring and controling the care sectors
  • The central government grants power to the government at local level
  • Team working arrangements where care practitioners come together

4. Whats the eligibility criteria

  • Requirements or standards that must be met before a person is provided with care
  • Care system financed through care sectors
  • Combining all care sectors
  • Buying care services on behalf of an individual or group

5. Whats the private care sector?

  • Care services provided free of charge
  • Provided by relatives and/or close friends on an unpaid bases
  • Care services provided to those who are willing to pay for them
  • Services provided by the law





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