Health and Clinical Psychology - Stress

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1. What is a prospective study?

  • Looks at an illness
  • Without an aim
  • Follows participants from the starting point
  • Looks at past behaviour
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2. What did the participants in Geer and Maisel's study see?

  • Skin cancer
  • Car crash victims
  • Teeth
  • People watching TV

3. What was Holmes and Rahe's self report measures of stress called?

  • Hopkins symptom checklist
  • Beck's depression inventory
  • Self adjustment rating scale
  • Hassles rating scale

4. Which hormone did Johansson measure?

  • Testosteron
  • Immunoglobin
  • Catecholamine
  • Cortisol

5. What is the GSR?

  • Skin conductivity due to sweat
  • Muscle tension caused by stress
  • Measure of catecholamine in urine
  • Cortisol levels


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