Questions on each part of the course for Russian History edexcel. 

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1. Income affects health patterns in the UK because...

  • more income usually means worse food
  • They have better access to things such as sports and education
  • the poorer people have better education
  • They can only eat certain foods
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2. What will happen to the lifestyles of children in Botswana due to HIV/AIDS?

  • 50 million are orphans
  • 34 million are orphans
  • They live alone
  • They carry on going to school as normal

3. What percentage of health care workers are infected in Botswana?

  • 60%
  • 20%
  • 17%
  • 50%

4. WHO's treaty in 2003 is to protect what?

  • People from buying the wrong cigarettes
  • peoples health, bans and regulation for those who by them
  • The tobacco companies

5. Define Morbidity

  • Death due to a disease
  • Illness and the reporting of it
  • The occurrence of death
  • Different types of disease


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