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1. what is the physical impact

  • people with CF have many physical impacts is that cant move and have stay sat all day
  • people with CF have many physical impacts cant talk
  • they have low energy due to the digestion system be blocked ; they dont do as much activities ; in pain from the infection that the mucus cause and the constant coughing ; they are small and start puberty later
  • people with CF have many physical impacts is that they cant sleep or eat their food and drink
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2. relevant practitioners

  • doctors
  • GP; thysiotherapy, doctors
  • parents
  • gp and parents and doctors

3. what is the causes of CF

  • not eating the right foods
  • it is genetic
  • there is no cause
  • by and accident

4. the emotional impacts

  • frustrated because they cant do activities with friends (lack of energy) ; annoyed of the coughing and pain of infections ; upset because they arent as independent as other their age ; embarressed as they know they are different to others
  • happy because they like to be different
  • dispessed because it is a horrible disorder and makes them feel lonely because they dont as many people as other their age because they cant get out of the house
  • they feel like any other person because they just dont care that they have the disorder

5. syptoms

  • cant chew their own foods, forgets things easily, and ways getting different illnesses
  • just pain and weakness
  • salty skin, small, poor weight gain, imflation in stomach area due to infection, constand coughing . chest infection, weakess, late puberty
  • being sick, cant walk, cant eat, infections , coughing, trouble with speaking


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