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2. legalations

  • equality act
  • cf act
  • childs act
  • meantal capacity act

3. syptoms

  • salty skin, small, poor weight gain, imflation in stomach area due to infection, constand coughing . chest infection, weakess, late puberty
  • just pain and weakness
  • being sick, cant walk, cant eat, infections , coughing, trouble with speaking
  • cant chew their own foods, forgets things easily, and ways getting different illnesses

4. economic barriers ;

  • some one with cf have to spend so much money of different thing to help them so they dont have alot of money
  • time off work means they dont get as much money
  • Opportunities to work may be limited which leads to a reliance on benefits.;Specialist CF clinic may be a long way from the family home and so incur travelling and parking costs to attend.;
  • there are no econiomic barrier of cf

5. what is CF

  • it is a inherited genetic disorder that cause thick sticky musus in the lungs and digestive system
  • an in heritaed condition
  • it is a mental illness
  • its an illness that causes infections and inflation to the stomach


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