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2. the emotional impacts

  • frustrated because they cant do activities with friends (lack of energy) ; annoyed of the coughing and pain of infections ; upset because they arent as independent as other their age ; embarressed as they know they are different to others
  • they feel like any other person because they just dont care that they have the disorder
  • happy because they like to be different
  • dispessed because it is a horrible disorder and makes them feel lonely because they dont as many people as other their age because they cant get out of the house

3. syptoms

  • just pain and weakness
  • salty skin, small, poor weight gain, imflation in stomach area due to infection, constand coughing . chest infection, weakess, late puberty
  • cant chew their own foods, forgets things easily, and ways getting different illnesses
  • being sick, cant walk, cant eat, infections , coughing, trouble with speaking

4. employment barriers

  • no one wants to employ a person with Cf because they wont be able to do the job properly
  • employers dont even entertain people with CF becayse they know that they wont do their job properly which will cause the business to go down hill. also peopel with Cf cant walk so they wont be any use to the business
  • Employers may be inflexible and make it difficult for people with CF to take time off for hospital appointments.;Flexi-time to enable someone with CF to not work when they are weak.
  • there is no employment barriers

5. what is CF

  • an in heritaed condition
  • it is a mental illness
  • it is a inherited genetic disorder that cause thick sticky musus in the lungs and digestive system
  • its an illness that causes infections and inflation to the stomach


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