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2. employment barriers

  • Employers may be inflexible and make it difficult for people with CF to take time off for hospital appointments.;Flexi-time to enable someone with CF to not work when they are weak.
  • employers dont even entertain people with CF becayse they know that they wont do their job properly which will cause the business to go down hill. also peopel with Cf cant walk so they wont be any use to the business
  • there is no employment barriers
  • no one wants to employ a person with Cf because they wont be able to do the job properly

3. environmental barriers

  • Specialist CF clinic may be a long way from the family home and difficult to access. ; if in wheel chair they wont have the ability to go up and down steps or stairs and paths are sometime too narrow to go down
  • public buses and trains are too difficult to get on and offf do to the lack of mobility that they have
  • there is no enviromental barriers of cf
  • people stare too much when out in public when in a wheel chair and has cructers

4. financial impact

  • get disability benefits to help pay for different things that they may need; the pay for equiptment will cost them money so they ; travelling to appointment will cost ; parking will cost ;
  • they get every thing for free as they have a disability or a condition
  • there is no financial impacts
  • get loads of money given to them to help with the financial things that they have to go through

5. what is the physical impact

  • people with CF have many physical impacts cant talk
  • people with CF have many physical impacts is that they cant sleep or eat their food and drink
  • they have low energy due to the digestion system be blocked ; they dont do as much activities ; in pain from the infection that the mucus cause and the constant coughing ; they are small and start puberty later
  • people with CF have many physical impacts is that cant move and have stay sat all day


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