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1. what is a interlectual impact of cf

  • they have a learnign disorder that coimes with cf
  • they find it hard to focus on their work because they have to keep leaveing the lesson when coughig and having precusions
  • time of school for appointment causes the child to miss out on lessons so they may drop grades ; learn knew things about the disorder ; but this disorder should affect the brain so they shouldnt be impacted on their learning
  • they cant learn thing as they get distarcted easily
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2. the emotional impacts

  • dispessed because it is a horrible disorder and makes them feel lonely because they dont as many people as other their age because they cant get out of the house
  • frustrated because they cant do activities with friends (lack of energy) ; annoyed of the coughing and pain of infections ; upset because they arent as independent as other their age ; embarressed as they know they are different to others
  • happy because they like to be different
  • they feel like any other person because they just dont care that they have the disorder

3. what is the causes of CF

  • by and accident
  • it is genetic
  • not eating the right foods
  • there is no cause

4. societal barriers

  • no one want to be friends with someone with CF because they are different to them and they may get embarrssed to hang out with them
  • they dont go out anywhere because they cant move so they dont see people that they want to see or their family and they dont come to see them at home
  • Ignorance - lack of knowledge about CF which leads to low expectations from teachers when CF does not affect intellect.; Assuming child cannot participate in physical activity when in fact it is encouraged to dislodge mucus.;
  • there is no societal barriers of CF

5. syptoms

  • just pain and weakness
  • being sick, cant walk, cant eat, infections , coughing, trouble with speaking
  • salty skin, small, poor weight gain, imflation in stomach area due to infection, constand coughing . chest infection, weakess, late puberty
  • cant chew their own foods, forgets things easily, and ways getting different illnesses


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