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2. social impact

  • gets bullied all the time because they are different to them
  • hard to maintain friends ships because they spend less time at school and dont join in in activities with friends ; wont go out as much due to lack of energy and being embarrssed;
  • everyone understands and wants to help they get through it so they are never alone
  • family disown them because they never see each other

3. risks

  • abuse isolation and stress
  • just bullying
  • bullying, abuse, isolaton
  • self harm bullying and abuse

4. financial impact

  • they get every thing for free as they have a disability or a condition
  • there is no financial impacts
  • get disability benefits to help pay for different things that they may need; the pay for equiptment will cost them money so they ; travelling to appointment will cost ; parking will cost ;
  • get loads of money given to them to help with the financial things that they have to go through

5. societal barriers

  • no one want to be friends with someone with CF because they are different to them and they may get embarrssed to hang out with them
  • they dont go out anywhere because they cant move so they dont see people that they want to see or their family and they dont come to see them at home
  • Ignorance - lack of knowledge about CF which leads to low expectations from teachers when CF does not affect intellect.; Assuming child cannot participate in physical activity when in fact it is encouraged to dislodge mucus.;
  • there is no societal barriers of CF


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