Health and social care: Unit 1

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1. Babbling is a stage in language development. In which life stage does babbling normally occur?

  • early adulthood
  • middle adulthood
  • infancy
  • early childhood
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2. By 6 months a child would be able to?

  • walk
  • pull themselves up in a sitting position
  • Lift their head and chest up
  • crawl

3. Full-time employment is usually associated with which life stage?

  • early childhood
  • infancy
  • early adulthood
  • infancy

4. An individual’s socialisation is influenced by?

  • health
  • family
  • social class
  • genetics

5. Which of the following is a life stage in human growth and development?

  • puberty
  • adulthood
  • early childhood
  • infant




Good but u repeated the same question twice

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