Health and Social Care

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1. What are the life stages?

  • infancy, toddler, teens, parents, older adulthood
  • baby, childhood, adolescence, parents, grandparents
  • infancy , childhood, adolenscence, adulthood, older adulthood
  • baby, toddler, teens, adult, grandparents
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2. What is growth?

  • increase in size and mass
  • increase in skills
  • increase in age
  • decrease in height

3. What is P.I.E.S?

  • Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Skills
  • Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social
  • Play, Intellectual, Emotional, Skills
  • Parallel, Independent, Equipment, Skills

4. What is Development?

  • decrease in skills
  • increase in skills, abilities and emotions
  • increase in growth
  • increase in size and mass

5. What is a fine motor skill?

  • use of hands and fingers to move
  • being able to run
  • use of large muscles
  • being able to speak


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