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2. What is an unexpected life event?

  • getting a job
  • being in a crash
  • getting married
  • having children

3. Which one of these statements are true?

  • in early childhood a child can do a back flip
  • in early childhood a child can have a full conversation and do algebra
  • in early childhood a child can catch and throw, have a good sense of balance and can use a bat and ball.
  • in early childhood a child can not play along with other

4. what are the 3 methods of referral?

  • third-party referral, language referral & financial referral
  • self referral, professional referral & third-party referral
  • professional referral, physical referral & resource referral
  • self referral, psychological referral & geographical referral

5. what age is middle adulthood?

  • 9-18
  • 46-65
  • 19-45
  • 65+


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