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2. what are the 3 methods of referral?

  • self referral, psychological referral & geographical referral
  • self referral, professional referral & third-party referral
  • third-party referral, language referral & financial referral
  • professional referral, physical referral & resource referral

3. What is a geographical barrier?

  • when they can't pay for a service.
  • when someone has a different language and doesn't understand the way things are being expressed.
  • a problem caused by where people and resources physically are.
  • when there are shortages of staff or resources.

4. What does self-concept mean?

  • a mixture of self imagery and self esteem
  • how you decorate your room
  • how you view others
  • how you eat

5. What is an expected life event?

  • being involved in a fire
  • falling in love
  • going bankrupt
  • winning the lottery


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