Health and Safety

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1. What should staff do during a fire after they sound the alarm?

  • Turn off the gas and electricity
  • Call the fire brigade
  • Leave the building as quickly as possible
  • Put out the fire
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2. What should staff not wear when preparing food?

  • Baggy sleeves
  • Clean uniform
  • Blue plasters
  • Non-slip shoes

3. What is the difference between burns and scalds?

  • Scalds are very serious burns
  • Burns are caused by electrical equipment, scalds are caused by heat
  • Burns are caused by dry heat, scalds are caused by wet heat
  • Burns should be seen to by a medical professional

4. If someone can get up after a fall, they should be helped to sit and then stand up. True or false?

  • More information needed
  • True
  • False

5. What message is a sign with a blue circle and white symbol giving?

  • Warning
  • Prohibition (don't do)
  • Mandatory (must do)
  • Emergency


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