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2. What should be the first thing staff do if they see a fire?

  • Sound the fire alarm
  • Exit the building via the planned escape route
  • Extinguish the fire
  • Call the fire brigade

3. Which of these is a rule that needs to be followed by staff when using electrical equipment?

  • Soak the electrical equipment in the sink after use
  • Unplug the equipment after use
  • Never use oven gloves in cause it causes a fire
  • Always have specialist training

4. What is the difference between burns and scalds?

  • Burns should be seen to by a medical professional
  • Scalds are very serious burns
  • Burns are caused by dry heat, scalds are caused by wet heat
  • Burns are caused by electrical equipment, scalds are caused by heat

5. How should the floor of the kitchen be kept?

  • Clean and wet
  • Free from pests
  • Cleans and tidy
  • Wet and tidy


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