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2. Which of these ISN'T a rule that should be followed when deep fat frying food?

  • Stand back from the fryer
  • Fill fat over the fill line
  • Don't put wet food into the fat
  • Be careful so fat doesn't splash out

3. What should staff do during a fire after they sound the alarm?

  • Leave the building as quickly as possible
  • Turn off the gas and electricity
  • Call the fire brigade
  • Put out the fire

4. In which direction should pan handles point?

  • Away from the other pans
  • Towards the back of the hob
  • Towards the chef
  • Out to the sides of the hob

5. Which of these is a rule that needs to be followed by staff when using electrical equipment?

  • Unplug the equipment after use
  • Soak the electrical equipment in the sink after use
  • Always have specialist training
  • Never use oven gloves in cause it causes a fire


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