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2. Why is consistency of navigation important?

  • it is against the law for them not to be consistent
  • its bad practive of ICT
  • so the user can navigate all subsequent pages once they know the home page
  • to look good

3. which of these is nota factor to make a website more accessable?

  • touch screens
  • all black and white all the time
  • voice recognition
  • large, colourful, clear icons

4. which of these is not a way to help blind people access ICT?

  • make the text larger
  • braille keyboard
  • text to speach
  • voice recognition

5. what is a novice user?

  • a child
  • someone who is an expert in the ICT system
  • a user who is inexperianced and has no knowledge of the ICT system
  • someone who has had some experiance with an ICT system


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