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What type of act is the HASAWA 1974
Enabling act - Self regulating
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What is Section 2
Duties of employers to employees
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What does section 2 cover
Health, safety and welfare to staff,provide and maintain equipment,safe use, handling, storage and transport of articles or substances,Information and instructions, training, supervision,safe place to work,written policy if 5 or more employees
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What is section 3
Duties of employers to others - not in their employment
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What does Section 3 cover
Safety to others who maybe affected by their duties, contractors, visitors, members of public
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Section 4?
Duties of comtrollers of premises
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What does section 4 cover
Duties to others who are not employed by the employers, Landlord/tennant
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Section 6?
Duties of designers,manufacturers, suppliers, importers
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What does section 6 cover?
To ensure safe substances, articles are safe when being used at work. information, data sheets, testing, examinations of scaffold etc
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Section 7/8?
Duties of employees
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What does section 7/8 cover
take reasonable care of own HandS and that of others, co-operate with employer/ not to intentionally or recklessly intervere or misuse any H and S equipment
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Powers of Inspectors (Section 20)?
Enter premises, take the police, take equipment, articles, documents. Carry out examinations, photograph, dismantle any equipment, take statements, issue notices.Prosecute
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Improvement Notice?
Breach of statute law but no imminent danger - time to improve
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Prohibition Notice?
Breach of Statute and likely risk if serious injury-Stops activities
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Penalties from courts
Magistrate - unlimited fine, and /or up to one year imprisonment per offence. Crown Ct - Unlimited fine and/or up to 2 years imprisnonment
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Managers/Directors responsibilities (Section 36&37)
36 - person commits an offence and is due to actor default of another, either or both parties can be prosecuted. 37 - corporate body commits offenceand its due to cosent or neglect then that person is found guilty
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Safety Reps - What can they do?
Investigate hazards, examine causes, investigate H and S complaints, inspections, represent employees in consultations, attend safety committees, Reps have immunity from civil/criminal actions whilst acting in the role
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Commitee meetings?
Places responsibility on employer to hold meetings with its reps, employees - Mins of meetings, actions from those mins, any training req, any H and S issues, appointment of reps of H and S, no right to investigation.
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Name some information resources
H and S policy, information notices, H and S advisers, HSE, IOSH, trade unions, internet. - secondary information from papers, magazines, internet,
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