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1. What should you do to avoid a fire starting?

  • make sure that there are fire extinguishers nearby
  • not put too many cables in one socket,
  • make sure that there aren't fire extinguishers nearby
  • put a lot of cables in one socker
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2. What can you do to avoid back and neck pain?

  • sitting on the sofa
  • put the monitor and the keyboard at the correct height
  • taking breaks
  • not sitting properly

3. What should you do to avoid RSI (repetitive strain injury)?

  • using a wrist-rest to support the wrists while typing
  • not taking breaks
  • taking medicines

4. Where should the equipment be kept?

  • on strong tables/shelves
  • on the floor
  • behind the door

5. What can you do to avoid people tripping over the cables

  • put them under the computers
  • put them behind the computers
  • place cables inside cables ducts or under the carpet/flooring
  • leave them on the floor


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