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2. What kind of cadence does this piece finish with?

  • Plagal
  • Interrupted
  • Perfect
  • Imperfect

3. Which one of the sections/motifs is the 'high point' of the piece as all the sections are playing together?

  • Motif 4
  • Contrapuntal section
  • Motif 3
  • Motif 2

4. What does homophonic mean?

  • Two slighly different melodies
  • Lots of different melodies
  • One melody accompanied by chords
  • One melody

5. Which one of these are in the correct order (from lowest pitched to highest)

  • Alto, Tenor, Saprano, Bass
  • Tenor, Bass, Alto, Saprano
  • Bass, Tenor, Alto, Saprano
  • Saprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass


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