Handel - And The Glory Of The Lord (Music)

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1. What is syllabic?

  • When a word is sung and there is one note for each syllable
  • When a word is sung and there is more than one note per syllable
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2. Which of these instruments are NOT part of the small string orchestra featured in this piece?

  • Viola
  • Violins
  • Double Bass
  • Cello

3. What key apart from A Major does this piece modulate to?

  • D minor and D major
  • E minor and B minor
  • E major and B major
  • D major and C major

4. In which section is syllabic word setting NOT featured?

  • Motif 2
  • Motif 4
  • Motif 1
  • Motif 3

5. What kind of cadence does this piece finish with?

  • Imperfect
  • Plagal
  • Perfect
  • Interrupted


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